International access numbers

Travelling? Take your KiaOra card with you because you can use it in 7 other countries.

You can use KiaOra in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, UK and USA to call back to New Zealand or anywhere else in the world.

To use, dial the access number for the country you're in to access the KiaOra card service, then make your call as normal.

You'll be charged the usual rate per minute for the country you're calling, plus additional charges per minute apply. See below for those charges.

Country Access number

Additional charge
per minute

Australia 1800 202 419
Canada 1877 296 3646
North China 10800 610 0432
South China 10800 261 1314
Germany 0800 588 9668
Japan 00531 23 0043
UK 0808 234 3668
USA 1866 8418254

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